First Informal Mini Workshop on Acoustic Cosmic Ray and Neutrino Detection

Stanford University

September 13-14, 2003


Hosted by Giorgio Gratta ( and
Justin Vandenbroucke (

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While the proposal of using acoustic techniques in particle detection dates back to the work of G. A. Askaryan in 1957, and there was experimental work done in the laboratory around 1980, it is only in the last several years that several groups have (re)started concretely exploring the possibility of using acoustic techniques.   Acoustic tests are planned for all underwater neutrino detectors in construction in the Mediterranean and, possibly, for Amanda/IceCube.  At the same time substantial amounts of acoustic data have already been collected at Baikal and at the AUTEC array in the Bahamas and discussions are underway on the possibility of using the moon or an asteroid as a target.

This informal workshop intends to review the status of this emerging field and foster collaborations between the different people interested around the world.    Although we would like to keep the workshop small and informal, we hope that we will be able to collect in one room all colleagues active in the field.   Hence we encourage you to let us know if you think we missed some people.


If you have been in touch with us but have not confirmed your participation in the workshop, please confirm with us as soon as possible.  Contact Giorgio Gratta at or 650-725-6509.


Confirmed Speakers

We will post a list of speakers and titles soon.
If you have not yet sent us a title, please do so!


You should also reserve your accommodation as soon as possible.   We have booked a block of 20 rooms at the brand new and reasonably priced university guest house at SLAC.    You can see the guesthouse at  To make reservations, or for any help with logistics, please contact the workshop secretary, Ms. Linda Hubly, by email (, phone (++1-650-725-2344) or Fax (++1-650-725-6544).   Linda will also be able to assist you in the unlikely event that you want to reserve a hotel different from the above in the Palo Alto/Stanford area.


Airport Transportation

You will have three choices to go from the airport (San Francisco International “SFO”, of San Jose International “SJC”) to the SLAC guesthouse:

You should tip the shuttle or taxi driver; about 15% is a standard tip.



The meeting will be in the Varian physics building, room V208.  It is a short car ride from the SLAC guesthouse to Varian and parking is easy and free on Sat and Sun.  We hope that all together there will be enough rented cars to share rides.  Walking is very pleasant but the distance in non-trivial (probably 40 min).



Weather in the Stanford area is usually mild in the period of our meeting (and in fact for most of the year).  You may need warmer clothes for the evenings.


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