First Informal Mini-workshop
on Acoustic Cosmic Ray and Neutrino Detection
Physics Department, Stanford University, Sept 13-14, 2003
Hosted by Giorgio Gratta and Justin Vandenbroucke

Sept 13, 2003
9:00-9:10        Giorgio Gratta (Stanford), Welcome and logistics
9:10-9:50        John Learned (Hawaii), Early work on acoustic detection
9:50-10:30      Buford Price (Berkeley), Acoustical vs optical vs radio detection of neutrino-induced electromagnetic cascades
10:30-11:00    Break
11:00-11:40    Giorgio Gratta (Stanford), The AUTEC array as a neutrino detector
11:40-12:20    Justin Vandenbroucke (Stanford/Berkeley), Results from a Study of Acoustic Ultra-high energy Neutrino Detection (SAUND)
12:20-2:00      Lunch
2:00-2:40        Giorgio Riccobene (LNS Catania), Acoustic Work at the Catania NEMO test site
2:40-3:20        Alexander Kappes (Erlagen), Acoustic particle detection in water: activities in Erlangen
3:20-3:40        Break
3:40-4:20        Rolf Nahnhauer (Zeuthen), Development of Acoustic Sensors for Amanda
4:20-5:20        Mike Buckingham (SCRIPPS), Light aircraft, propeller noise and doppler shifts: tools for underwater acoustics experiments
7:00                Dinner at Su Hong (Palo Alto)

Sept 14, 2003
9:00-9:40       Manfred Fink (U Texas), Acoustic detection in salt
9:40-10:10     Chris Rhodes (Defense Science and Tech Lab), An acoustic array in the UK
10:10-10:40   Break
10:40-11:10   Lee Thompson (Sheffield), Acoustic detection in the UK, status and future plans
11:10-11:40   David Waters (UC London), Estimating Flux Sensitivities using a Toy Monte Carlo
11:40-12:20   Vincent Bertin (Marseille), Plans for acoustic cosmic ray detection in Marseille
12 :20-2:20    Lunch
2 :20-3:00      Valentin Niess (Marseille), Tests/simulation on acoustic detection
3:00-3:30       Rolf Nahnhauer for Andrei Rostovstev (ITEP), Acoustic detection work at ITEP
3:30-4:00       John Learned for Igor Zheleznykh (INR), The Kamchatka array

Measurement of acoustic noise in Lake Baikal
, a report submitted by N. Budnev et al.